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Treatises of Fr. Matthew

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Overall Perspectives on the Works of Fr. Matthew the Poor

by Fayek M. Ishak


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Ma'a al-Masih (384 pages) ["On Being with Christ"] was originally written in Arabic by Abouna Matta al-Maskin [Fr. Matthew the Poor] of blessed memory, is hereby translated thoroughly and edited by Fayek M. Ishak together with his wife Aida. It so happened that the moment this work is finished is exactly the same moment we heard about Abouna Matta's repose in the Lord. What a paradoxical coincidence! In truth, departed souls as such have illuminated our ways in this dreary world and have tinged them with the radiating hues of spirituality. They have let us move with them from the state of visionary perception to the sublime state of visionary elation and pass with them through the prism of the untrodden path mainly to unveil the mystery of the otherworldly domain and ultimately unravel the enigma of the heavenly Kingdom of God!


...Treatise Ninety-two

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