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An English and Latin, Greek and Coptic Lexicon
  • An English and Latin, Greek and Coptic Lexicon

A Source Book of Alexandrine Orthodoxy

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Detailed layers of meaning in English 
Precise equivalents in Coptic 
Greek roots and Latin origins 
Prof. Fayek M. Ishak


This source book addresses:

  1. the problem of distinguishing the subtle shades of meaning in English.
  2. the long-awaited need for giving the equivalents in Coptic.
  3. the pre-occupied familiarity with roots in Greek and Latin, in addition to
  4. the proper pronunciation in English Phonetics.

A book with such a wide variety of lexical and theological studies is an indispensable companion to Orthodox readers and is bound to strike a responsive note of concern among speakers, worshippers and researchers into the invaluable treasures of the Alexandrine heritage.  Hundreds of liturgical and religious terms defined.

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