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Volume XX
  • Volume XX

Volume XX

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The evolution of Coptic iconography as a sacred art, tracing its Pharaonic sources,its deeply-rooted theological origins, its artistic embellishments, the miraculous efficacy of certain icons, the universal appeal and symbolism, the marvelous aestheticism, and the linkage between the tangible world and the heavenly unseen kingdom of God. This study is supported with coloured illustrations.


Ch. One: The Value of Tradition
Ch. Two: The Holy Image: An Inquiry into Essence and Evolution
Ch. Three: Basic Distinctions
Ch. Four: The Transitional Period
Ch. Five: Iconographic Art
Ch. Six: Early Coptic Iconography
Ch. Seven: The Carving of Wood
Ch. Eight: Illuminated Manuscripts, Canvas and Parchment
Ch. Nine: The Assumptions of the Iconoclasts
Ch. Ten: What does the Icon represent?
Ch. Eleven: Consecration of Icons
Ch. Twelve: Veneration of Miraculous Icons
Ch. Thirteen: Emphasis on the Realities of our Orthodox Faith
Ch. Fourteen: Symbolism and its Universality
Ch. Fifteen: Symbolic Representation of our Lord in Iconographic Art
Ch. Sixteen: The Nimbus in Coptic Iconography
Ch. Seventeen: Interpretation of Colour Symbolism
Ch. Eighteen: Iconographic Representation
Ch. Nineteen: The Theme of Martyrdom
Ch. Twenty: Interpretation of Beast, Poultry and Bird Symbolism
Ch. Twenty-one: Symbolic Representation of Natural Resources
Ch. Twenty-two: Tapestry and Iconography
Ch. Twenty-three: Pottery and Iconography
Ch. Twenty-four: The Essence of Coptic Iconography

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