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  • Volume I
    Volume I

    Read about the history of the Copts, Metaphysics and Monasteries

  • Volume XI
    Volume XI

    Features articles on Coptic Orthodoxy, Mystical Theology and Metaphysics...

  • Volume II .epub
    Volume II .epub

    Highlights include a detailed study of the works of St. Athanasius...

  • Volume XX
    Volume XX

    The evolution of Coptic iconography as a sacred art, tracing its...

  • Horologion (Al-Agbeya)
    Horologion (Al-Agbeya)

    This is a bilingual edition of the Devotions, and Prayers of the...



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  • Volume X
    Volume X

    Is a special issue celebrating the...

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List of products by manufacturer Coptologia Publications

Publisher of content related to coptic thought and spirituality.

As an overdue inquiry into the rich world of the Copto-Pharaonic heritage, this research publication attempts to fill a lacuna which is deeply felt by Coptologists, Mid-Eastern scholars and Egyptologists. The main objective is to increase awareness of an indispensable area that has long been minimized or deplorably neglected particularly in the West.

To this effect serious attempts have been made to reach a wide audience without sacrificing integrity.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 71 items